Why You Should Buy Dolls for Boys

Why You Should Buy Dolls for Boys

Cute little boy with a doll at home
Dolls are typically reserved as toys for girls. But did you know that boys can benefit from playing with dolls, too? Here are a few reasons you should consider buying dolls for boys.

Moms, how many times have you looked at a man babywearing while vacuuming and made some comment about how exceptional that is.

Maybe you said something like “…the most attractive sight in the world.” “Look I spotted a unicorn!”

Dads, how many times have you said: “No son of mine is going to play with dolls!”

Parents, stop yourself right there with that internalized misogyny.

If we want confident men who know how to nurture themselves and others and raise a family, they need to hone their emotional intelligence. Here’s how dolls for boys can help:

“Care Play” Impacts Young Boys

If you’re still asking “Should boys play with dolls?”, the answer is yes. And here’s one reason why:

Care play, as it’s known, impacts the behavior of young boys in a positive way.

Most parents want their children to play nicely with other kids. This usually means be gentle, kind, caring and show empathy.

While kids are certainly born with a natural temperament, boys playing with dolls can be trained to an extent to foster more nurturing attitudes. Even if it’s against their instincts.

Modeling Behavior Helps Boys in Life

But when boys play with dolls it doesn’t only help them with their behaviors in their young lives. It also helps them to become more caring, nurturing and emotionally intelligent later in life.

In typical pre-school setting boys will have access to different “centers”. These include things like outside play, science and math, building and one called the home center.

In the home center, all children are encouraged to play with toys that allow them to model behaviors they see from their parents at home.

Be it cooking, cleaning, setting the table or playing with dolls, modeling these behaviors helps to normalize these activities for boys.

That’s to say, taking care of the home is not an exceptional thing for men or boys to strive for and teaching them that early on lays a foundation for combatting the sexism they will likely witness in life.

Dolls for Boys are Practical Toys

Let’s face it. Dolls are everywhere!

Maybe your son has an older sister or a cousin who plays with dolls. Maybe he’s in pre-school, or you are out shopping and he comes across a doll he likes in the toy section.

There’s no avoiding the prevalence of dolls as a practical play toy for boys and girls. But when a doll is given to a boy, a parent has the ability to teach their son something important that could otherwise be missed.

Due to the practical nature of care-play, it’s convenient and important for parents to promote boys playing with dolls.

Boys and Dolls

In an effort to let children choose their own preferences, more and more parents are feeling progressive about dolls for boys.

That’s a good thing because all parents should be concerned with teaching positive behaviors that lead to deep emotional development.

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