4 Healthy Eating Tips for Toddlers

4 Healthy Eating Tips for Toddlers

18 months old toddler refusing to eat his vegetables
Getting your toddler to eat the foods that are good for him can be quite a task, especially in the early days of trying out new foods. Here are some healthy eating tips for toddlers so you can make sure your toddler is getting the nutrients he needs.

Does your toddler turn his nose up at the foods that are best for him? If so, you aren’t alone. Adults avoid foods they don’t like, so it’s pretty natural for little ones to do the same thing.

Your toddler is in a very important stage of their lives, though. So you’ve got to make sure he’s getting the nutrition he needs to grow healthy and strong.

But how do you get the little guy to eat the food he doesn’t want? Keep reading for four healthy eating tips that will help ensure your toddler gets the nutrition he needs.

1. Have Him Eat at the Table

Whether he’s in a chair or some other seat, bring your little one to the table for meal times. While that won’t change the flavor of foods he doesn’t like, it will give him good examples to follow.

Does dad eat his broccoli? Well, maybe seeing that will be enough to get Jr. to eat his too.

Any good eating habits observed by your toddler will be good for their development, so let them observe. Just make sure the rest of the family is on their best eating behavior!

2. Let Him Decide How Much

Your toddler knows how much food his belly can handle. So let him be the guide when it comes to amounts.

Yes, you want your toddler to get the food he needs. But don’t try to make him eat too much of it. Forcing won’t encourage him to like anything.

3. Take It Slow

If you’re introducing your toddler to a new flavor, don’t start off big. Try adding only a small amount, such as a tablespoon, of the new taste to whatever else he’s eating.

Your toddler isn’t likely to gobble a plate full of something he’s just barely discovering. So take it slow. Once he’s comfortable, feed him more.

4. Eat the Same Thing

When feeding your toddler, there’s no need to cook two meals. Feed your toddler the same thing you’re eating.

If there’s anything that may be unsafe for them to eat, convert it to a texture he can handle.

5. Make It Fun

While you may seriously want your toddler to eat healthy foods, eating doesn’t have to be serious! And really, it shouldn’t be.

Sure, there are dishes that help limit messes, but don’t be so stuck on a mess-free meal that you make food time too formal.

Allow your toddler to have fun while he’s eating. Eating with him, talking about what you’re eating, and having him help grow or prepare foods are all great options.

Try These Healthy Eating Tips Today

It might be a struggle getting your toddler to eat healthily, but don’t give up hope! Try these simple healthy eating tips and see if they help.

Remember to eat with your child and let eating be fun. Help your toddler learn that eating a variety of foods is good and enjoyable!

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