3 Reasons to Buy Baby Rattles for Your Infant

Finding toys that your infant will enjoy playing with can be a bit overwhelming at first because infants are small and you want something safe. Check here to learn a few reasons why you should buy baby rattles to keep your child occupied.

Everything your baby does teaches it something. From how to grasp onto a toy to how to turn their head towards a sound, they’re always learning.

How do you make sure you give them toys that are fun to play with and keep their attention but teach them useful skills? You have to be careful with what you buy.

Things like baby rattles and sensory balls are great choices. Learn why baby rattles are better and what they teach in the post below.

#1 Cause and Effect

When your baby was born, they learned that if they do this, you’ll do this. If they cry, you’ll comfort them. If they start mouthing at your shirt, you’ll feed them.

With baby rattles, they learn that if they shake it they’re rewarded with a stimulating sound. Unlike the other examples, babies are in charge of the rattles whole process.

If a baby can feel empowered, showing them that they can shake their rattle and reward themselves with a sound is a happy thing.

The cause and effect helps them realize their control over their bodies. If you watch a baby reach for things over time, you see flailing movements at first, until about seven or eight months.

Let them practice reaching for the rattle and engage their growing gross motor skills.

#2 Visual Tracking

When a baby is born, they can’t focus on things more than about two feet away. It’s not until they’re two years old that they see colors and shapes as they actually appear.

When your baby has mixed stimuli, like the sound and colors of a rattle, it gives their eyes something to focus on. They can practice following the movement of the rattle with their eyes

As their muscles get stronger and their brains advance, they’ll be able to turn their heads side to side to follow the toy.

#3 They’re Great Teethers

We all know the struggles at around four or five months when the teething process begins. EVERYTHING goes in their mouths.

The shape of a rattle gives their little mouths something to fix onto without you worrying about them gagging themselves.

You can find rattles with silicone materials or coatings that are soft on their gums and are easy to clean.

Babies learn about things by putting them in their mouths too. They’re much better than adults at taking in stimuli by using their touch and taste senses.

Let your baby chew away. It won’t do them long-term harm.

Why Baby Rattles?

Baby rattles aid in brain development by teaching cause and effect. They give infants practice at following an object with their muscles. Finally, they’re great for teething and to distract a fussy baby.

They come in numerous shapes and sizes; there’s practically nothing you can’t get when you’re looking for a rattle.

They make great gifts that are inexpensive. You can get something small and cheap or go all out with a fancy silver rattle with a monogram.

What you choose is up to you. See our favorite picks here!

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